[CentOS-mirror] Request For Mirroring

Fri Jan 21 21:20:18 UTC 2011
administrator at openmirror.ir <administrator at openmirror.ir>

> Am 21.01.11 01:09, schrieb administrator at openmirror.ir:
>> Hi guys.
>> Organization: Openmirror
>> Website: www.openmirrir.ir
>> Country: Iran, but the server is located in Germany.

> So would that be a german mirror (meaning you get traffic from around
> here) or an iranian mirror meaning there'd be traffic from the middle
> east (which might not be that great, if the mirror is here in Germany)?

> Ralph

We should mention about a mistake in website name above: it is
'www.openmirror.ir' not 'www.openmirrir.ir'. We are sorry about this

We are the first team from Iran to become as a mirror for CentOS so we are
interested in becoming as an Iranian mirror although the server is in