[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror, Williston, VT, USA

Mon Jan 31 00:26:57 UTC 2011
David Storandt <dstorandt at teljet.com>

Um, oops. Fat fingered the template I was using.

It should be: HTTP: http://mirror.teljet.net/centos


Am 26.01.11 18:08, schrieb David Storandt:
> I'd like to add our new mirror to the list...
> http://mirror.teljet.net
> Available over both IPv4 and IPv6.
> Contact: TelJet Support <support at teljet.net>
> Versions: All
> Architectures: All
> HTTP: http://mirror.team-cymru.org/CentOS/

Um? I think we already have a team-cymru mirror? What exactly do you
want to have added to the mirror list? :)