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João Carlos Mendes Luís

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Tue Jul 12 15:29:26 UTC 2011

Using "touch" and "test -e" as a lock test is not safe.  If the shell 
dies for any reason, the lock file will get stale.

If you sync station is linux, a safer option is to use the flock(1) program:

        flock - Manage locks from shell scripts

        flock [-sxon] [-w timeout] lockfile [-c] command...

        flock [-sxon] [-w timeout] lockdir [-c] command...

        flock [-sxun] [-w timeout] fd

Here is the lock part of my mirror script:


   flock -w 1 200
   if [ "$?" -ne 0 ] ; then
     echo "Error, lock is already taken..."
) 200> ${lockdir}/mirror.centos.lock



João Carlos Mendes Luís - Computer&  Networking Engineer
jonny at jonny.eng.br

On 07/12/2011 11:56 AM, Adam wrote:
> admin wrote:
>> Yes It would be great . I'm still rsync centos repo.
>> Could you provide me bash script to rsync with file locking ?
> Attached is a bash locking rsync script.  This script is pretty 
> informative and intelligent.  It verifies that the time stamp of the 
> server you are syncing form is newer then yours before it syncs.  
> Hence it shouldn't ever delete files you have already downloaded if 
> you hit an old mirror.
> Adam
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