[CentOS-mirror] Mirror back up from NetDNA

Fri Mar 18 02:01:11 UTC 2011
Billy Vierra <bvierra at netdna.com>

Hey guys,
Realised that we actually never told you the mirror is back up. It is :)

Just incase the info was completely removed and not re-storable we have 
the following information for it:

Tier: 1
BW: 2/Gbps in 9 locations
Country: US
State: BLANK (was this way because we have many location as we are a CDN)
Organization Name: NetDNA
Organization Link: http://www.netdna.com
Versions: All
Arch: All
DVD: Yes
RSync: No

Contact Information:
Name: Billy Vierra
E-Mail: bvierra at netdna.com
Company: NetDNA LLC

Billy Vierra
Senior System Engineer
The Science of Acceleration™

Email: bvierra at netdna.com
P: 1.877.5-NETDNA (563-8362) ext 260
F: 1.323.417.4995

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