[CentOS-mirror] New Public Mirror In Phoenix AZ, supporting FTP, HTTP and RSYNC

Sun Mar 20 18:46:57 UTC 2011
Doug Eubanks <admin at dougware.net>


I've been using CentOS since the EL3 days, and now I have a server
with enough bandwidth and storage to finally give something back to
the project.  I've completed the initial sync and scheduled a sync
every 6 hours.

Location: Phoenix AZ, USA
Bandwidth: Unmetered 10M
Sync Schedule: 6 Hours
Anonymous FTP: ftp://ftp.dougware.net
HTTP: http://ftp.dougware.net
RSync: rsync://ftp.dougware.net/CentOS
Sponsoring Organization: DougWare.NET (http://www.dougware.net)
Contact: Doug Eubanks (admin at dougware.net)

Doug Eubanks
admin at dougware.net
(919) 201-8750