[CentOS-mirror] mirrormanager: Database conversion

Sat Nov 5 21:51:43 UTC 2011
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>


while I am still struggling with that host (well, small technicialities,
nothing major), I'd like to start a discussion on how to convert our
mirror table to the layout which is needed for mirrormanager.

You can find a description of the table at
http://oerks.de/~ralph/mirrordb.txt - that probably is easier to look at
than trying to get out a version via mail which doesn't break for
everyone :)

Let me explain that table (and let me explain the fields we probably
still need and which we don't need anymore, afaics).

Name: Is our primary key - so every mirror has to have a unique name in
our DB
location-major: That's the continent
locmajidx: numerical representation of the continent
location-minor: Country (or in the case of US and Canada: State)
http,ftp,rsync: The URLs the mirror is at
speed: Used for the representation on the mirrorlist at www.centos.org.
Mostly T1 anyway, not needed anymore, I guess.
bandwidth: Actual bandwidth. Not needed.
status: set by mirror-status (at least Dead, Disabled is for manual
state: more detailed state
contact-name: Name of the person running the mirror. Internal use for us.
contact-tel: I cannot remember calling a mirroradmin :)
contact-email: Our second unique field. I guess that will be used for login
comments: Free form, normally the request mail sent to the list. Nice to
have, but not needed.
access*: Not used
Type: We only have direct mirrors.
restructured: That must have happened before 2006 :)
centostext: What to add to the mirror URLs (so mostly unused)
url: The URL to the sponsor's website
info_note, notes_private,infoblock,graphic_url: Not used.
centos*: Which versions does the mirror carry?
arch_all: Yes, if not, then:
arches: Free form - only used for the mirror list on www
dvd-iso: Does it carry them (always yes since 6)
dvd*: The versions (6 is set to yes always)
dvd-iso-host,rsync-dvd-host: No idea. Not used
cc: The TLD the mirror is in. Actually used for generating
mirrorlists.txt for that country
continent: Used for the mirrorlist on www
centos_code,priority: Not used
use-in-mirror-list: Used: We don't really put 10Mbit-machines in EU or
US or CA into the mirrorlist.txt which is handed out via yum

I guess we can drop many of those when going over to mirrormanager. But:
What I don't see on the Fedora pages is a list of all the mirrors (by
country/continent/whatever) - I know that this is one thing we actually
do need and want.

All the other location data probably aren't needed anymore, afaics.

Anything I actually overlooked?