[CentOS-mirror] Mirrormanager (now for real)

Fri Oct 7 20:55:30 UTC 2011
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>


long time no infrastructure changes (well, on the CentOS side, quite a
few on my side).

As several people have offered to help moving our selfbotched system to
mirrormanager (sorry Peter, but there were some offers - I am still not
sure which one really is better technically, but the more helping hands,
the better), I'd like to start this now.

First question: I guess as a first move we need a machine to host that on.

Can anyone running a mirrormanager instance tell me, what kind of specs
that machine needs to have? Does it need to hold a copy of the mirror?

On the software side, I guess httpd and mysql-server (and mirrormanager)
- anything else? Or is the sqlite variant fast enough for the amount of
mirrors we have?

At the moment we run quite a few instances of mirrorlist.centos.org -
the machines which hand out the urllist to machines - is that possible
with mirrormanager, too? Or will one machine be able to handle the load?

Depending on your answers I am going to snatch a machine from our pool
for setting that up, next week. And with that machine we can start
building, testing and then deploying mirrormanager.

I am away over the weekend, so please don't expect answers - or more
questions - from me before monday evening :)