[CentOS-mirror] Mirrormanager (now for real)

Tue Oct 11 23:26:17 UTC 2011
Matt Domsch <Matt_Domsch at dell.com>

On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 04:38:44PM -0500, Ralph Angenendt wrote:
> Hmmm, good. If MySQL is an option - we run other instances of that, then
> there's no need to to run a postgres instance. MirrorManager doesn't
> take advantage of the inetnum (or what it is called) data type in
> postgres which is able to store IP addresses and CIDR data?

No, it doesn't.  It stores IPs as text, and does all the conversions
of it in python.

> >> At the moment we run quite a few instances of mirrorlist.ceVntos.org -
> >> the machines which hand out the urllist to machines - is that possible
> >> with mirrormanager, too? Or will one machine be able to handle the load?
> > 
> > As Adrian noted, this is not only possible, but recommended.  Fedora
> > has ~8 servers handing out the mirrorlist by request, and they don't
> > even blink at the load. 
> Fine. I think we can reuse the machines we have. How can that info be
> copied? At the moment I copy a tree which has the mirrorlist info for
> any given country/release/repo and a perl module which then grabs that
> info and gives it out. How does that work in mirror manager?

Fedora uses a MM script to dump the database once an hour into the
mirrorlist cache, then rsync's it to the target mirrorlist servers.
kill -HUP mirrorlist_server.py and it reloads the cache.

> > I would also recommend writing a script to convert your existing
> > database information into MM, so as to not make people re-enter it.
> Yes, that actually is the plan :) I need to put them side by side
> though, so I can transform them. Is there a "picture" of the DB schema?

Uh, no...  I can dump the schema as SQL, if you know of a tool to pull
it in. I can help with the script too.

has the schema in SQLObject.  Each class (SQLObject) is a table.

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