[CentOS-mirror] How much space is needed to host a full mirror?

Fri Oct 14 14:07:37 UTC 2011
Pennington, Michael <michael.pennington at uconn.edu>

We recently brought up a full mirror with DVDs a month or two ago.  I brought up a vmware slice with 300GB of storage, we are currently running at 52% of that on our mirror.  I love how you don't need TERRABYTES of storage to be a mirror for centos :)

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My employer's executives attended the recent cPanel Conference, where they met some folks from the CentOS Project and were receptive to the suggestion that we host a public mirror. Most of the servers in our data center run CentOS.

How much disk space should I specify if we want to offer all versions and all architectures and even ISOs, for a conservative figure? Our private mirror holds only the repositories we regularly use, so I don't know how big the whole thing is. Depending on the size, I may have to pare down the offering.
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