[CentOS-mirror] DVD mirror

Daniel Koop daniel at yourwebhoster.eu
Sun Sep 25 14:09:29 EDT 2011


The CentOS mirror  <http://mirror.yourwebhoster.eu>
http://mirror.yourwebhoster.eu will be migrated to another server. In order
to keep the current mirror and the new mirror synced I request access to the
dvd servers for the IP The new mirror will be synced with the
current mirror and after that the new mirror will start syncing 4 times a
day with the dvd mirror.


Met vriendelijke groet,


Daniël Koop


Description: l


Mobiel 0621804636




MR. J.C. Bührmannlaan 36

1381GM Weesp




KVK 32165429

BTW nr. NL210242930B01


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