[CentOS-mirror] New public mirror submission

Sat Apr 21 12:45:24 UTC 2012
"Paweł Najdek - IONIC.pl" <pawel at ionic.pl>

This is a new public mirror submision.
Please provide all relevant
URL's (ftp/http/)

http://centos.ionic.net.pl <http://centos.hitme.net.pl/>

as well as how
often you are synchronizing the mirror network.

3 times a day.

Please include what city/state/country you are in
Mirror is located
in Kraków (cracow) / Malopolskie / Poland
what your bandwidth cap is

please give a name and link to the
sponsoring organization so we can give proper credit.

organization is IONIC.pl,http://www.ionic.pl <http://www.hitme.net.pl./>

Z poważaniem,
Paweł Najdek

IONIC.pl - Twój partner w e-biznesie...
30-133 Kraków,  ul. J. Lea 114


e-mail: pawel at ionic.pl
Tel. 012 376-77-66, Fax 012 378-33-03

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