[CentOS-mirror] Where are source rpms ?

Fri Apr 6 21:18:34 UTC 2012
Anssi Johansson <centosmirror at miuku.net>

Valeri Galtsev kirjoitti:
> I know this question doesn't strictly speaking belong to this list...
> Still: where are .src.rpm of the CentOS? Is it just me who can't find
> them, or we indeed are not quite fair with GPL?

This question pops up every now and then. Would it make sense to add a 
Source (6.x) or SRPMS (5.x) directory on the mirrors, with only a readme 
file directing people to use the vault if they need the sources?

The source packages are not available on the mirrors due to space and 
sync speed constraints. The source packages can be downloaded from