[CentOS-mirror] Mirror logic

Anssi Johansson centos at miuku.net
Mon Aug 20 04:02:34 EDT 2012

Seamus Ryan kirjoitti:
> Is someone able to provide me with information on how fastest mirrors 
> plugin + multiple mirrors operates? We run 
> http://centos.mirror.uber.com.au which is located in our network. We 
> sync every few hours so we are almost always up to date. However, even 
> when running updates from within our network we find it is quite random 
> as to where we are sent. Ideally we would like all of our updates to 
> come directly from our mirror but this does not appear to be happening.

As Karanbir mentioned, MirrorManager would let us do exactly that. 
Unfortunately the CentOS MM installation is not quite there yet.

But I'd like to add that your mirror seems to have an IPv6 address, so 
it'll get listed on the IPv6 mirrorlist as well. It seems that your 
mirror has been unreachable over IPv6 from the IPv6 mirror monitoring 
server between 9th August - 19th August, and thus it hasn't been 
included on the IPv6 mirrorlist during that time. Considering that you 
posted your message on the 17th, perhaps this has been one of the 
reasons you were observing reduced usage of your mirror. Admittedly the 
IPv6 mirror monitoring server is located across the world in Finland 
(it'll be moved to France soon), so there are lots of possibilities for 
various routing hiccups along the path. Everything seems to be working 
fine now, though.

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