[CentOS-mirror] New mirror in the Netherlands, 10GE

Wed Dec 19 20:32:31 UTC 2012
Tim Westervoorde / Base IP B.V. <mirroradmin at baseip.com>

Hi all,

We've setup a new public mirror server in the Netherlands, connected to the
internet with 10Gbps.
It is physically located in Amsterdam, in the Base IP (AS34305) network.

CentOS is also mirrored on this server and available over HTTP, FTP and
RSYNC protocols.
We sync the mirror every 4 hours.

It is available at:


CentOS vault is also mirrored at:


This mirror is sponsored by 1000Mbps.com, a Base IP BV company. Base IP a
large hosting company within the Netherlands and also offer internet access
to end customers. 1000Mbps is our dedicated servers division and is just
like Base IP run by a small group of fanatic employees. Our goal is to
provide everyone with quality hosting services at an affordable rate. We do
not resell or outsource our business; we own and operate every part of it.

The website is located at http://www.1000mbps.com/

If you need any more information please do let us know.

Kind regards,
Tim Westervoorde
Base IP BV