[CentOS-mirror] Mirror not listed - please add?

Dan Hawke dan.hawke at canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Feb 9 15:03:01 EST 2012

On 10/02/2012, at 7:23 AM, Ralph Angenendt wrote:

> On 06.02.2012 21:28, Dan Hawke wrote:
>> Good morning,
>> It has been brought to my attention that our mirror is no longer turning up in the list of mirrors.
> I guess it never was listed (at least I don't find a database entry for it).
>> Could you please add it?
> Who is the "sponsor"?

University of Canterbury (New Zealand)

> Who can I put down as a contact (mail address)?

ictservicedesk at canterbury.ac.nz for user contact/feedback/assistance, dan.hawke at canterbury.ac.nz for technical contact

> What is the bandwidth?

1gbps (less bandwidth available on some international links) - also available over Internet2 and partnered networks (KAREN/AARNet)

> Cheers,
> Ralph
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