[CentOS-mirror] Sponsoring organization change formirrors.loosefoot.com

lucky star 953318973 at qq.com
Sat Feb 25 23:43:57 EST 2012

Must you ?If needn't ,I'd like to keep everything rather then change it.
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  From:  "Jeff Fisher"<jeff at lfchosting.com>;
 Date:  Sun, Feb 26, 2012 10:22 AM
 To:  "centos-mirror"<centos-mirror at centos.org>; 
 Subject:  [CentOS-mirror] Sponsoring organization change formirrors.loosefoot.com


Can I get the sponsoring organization changed for mirrors.loosefoot.com 
from LFC Hosting (http://www.lfchosting.com) to LFCVPS 

Everything else can stay the same.


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