[CentOS-mirror] Maintenance shutdown of mirrors.ucr.ac.cr

Tue Feb 28 20:50:49 UTC 2012
Manuel Delgado <manuel.delgado at ucr.ac.cr>


This weekend, the main Data Center at University of Costa Rica will be in a
scheduled outage due to electrical maintenance, and they are requesting all
SysAdmins to shutdown their servers.

Due to this the mirror of CEntOS at the University of Costa Rica (
mirrors.ucr.ac.cr/centos ) will be offline from *Saturday,  March 03rd
2012, 07:00 CST* to* Sunday,  March 04th 2012, 15:00 CST*

Manuel Delgado

*Usuario Linux* *#520940 <http://counter.li.org/>*

Bach. Computación e Informática
Universidad de Costa Rica
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