[CentOS-mirror] new centos mirror

Sun Feb 19 17:03:29 UTC 2012
Anssi Johansson <centosmirror at miuku.net>

Ralph Angenendt kirjoitti:
> On 03.02.2012 17:19, Dan page wrote:
>> location: Fergus Falls, MN 
>> http only
>> direct dvd yes
>> all arch
> Nothing personal, but 20mbps really isn't enough to run a mirror on - or
> rather: With having a large part of our mirrors in the US with 100mbps
> and up to several gbps, I'd rather not point anyone at a mirror with
> that bandwidth.
> But thank you very much for wanting to support CentOS!

For those wanting to contribute some bandwidth for CentOS, one option 
would be to set up a Bittorrent seeder for the CentOS .iso torrents. The 
torrents can be found from the respective iso directories and obviously 
the seeders don't need to be "registered" in any way. This method works 
also for those who have limited upstream bandwidth. There's little 
demand for the older versions, so concentrating on the newest versions 
(ie. 5.7 and 6.2 at the moment) is usually sufficient.

I'm operating such a server myself and I'd estimate that it has 
transferred some 7TB of CentOS data so far. It's probably not that much 
compared to the other official mirros, but every bit helps, I'd say.