[CentOS-mirror] Setting up a mirror on my VM

Stanislav Petr stanislav.petr at hosting90.cz
Mon Jan 16 11:13:07 EST 2012

du -sh /mnt/data/mirror/centos/
181G	/mnt/data/mirror/centos/

Stanislav Petr

Jan 16, 2012 v 5:11 PM, Khusro Jaleel:

> Hello,
> I wanted to setup a mirror that CentOS could use, but I was wondering if 
> a smallish VM such as what I already pay for would be enough for this?
> I pay monthly for a VM from Bytemark which is used to run my website and 
> receive email, however apart from that there is not much happening on 
> that VM. That is why I was thinking I might be able to help by offering 
> its use as a mirror.
> I have 512MB of RAM and 20G of disk space available.
> Please let me know,
> Thanks,
> Khusro
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