[CentOS-mirror] Public CentOS Mirror

abdicar.communications[yahoo.com] abdicar.communications at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 23 14:43:20 EST 2012

Hello everyone,

We want to introduce our Public CentOS Mirror. All the information 
related to our mirrors is available at 

HTTP: http://mirrors.abdicar.com/CentOS
FTP: ftp://mirrors.abdicar.com/CentOS
rsync -avz mirrors.abdicar.com::costarica_CentOS /root/CentOS

Frecuency Updates: Each 6 hours.

City: Heredia
Country: Costa Rica
Bandwidth: 100mbps

Organization: abdicar Communications, S.A.
Link Organization: http://abdicar.com

Thank you very much,

Larry Hans

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