[CentOS-mirror] new mirror - centos.mirror.rafal.ca

Rafal Rzeczkowski mirror-centos at mail.rafal.ca
Fri Jul 6 18:18:12 EDT 2012

Please add my new public mirror, which is setup as per 

> Please email the list when you're all set up with your cron job and your 
> initial sync is completed. We will add you to our list of mirror sites.

This is done.

> Please provide all relevant URL's (ftp/http/rsync/?) as well as how


> often you are synchronizing the mirror network. Please include what

thrice daily

> city/state/country you are in and what your bandwidth cap is. Also

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

about 200 Mbit/s is available for mirrors at this POP site

> please give a name and link to the sponsoring organization so we can

Clearcable Networks

> give proper credit. If the best contact point for your mirror is not the 
> address you are subscribed to the mailing list with, please provide the 
> email address of your preferred contact as well.

mirror-centos at mail.rafal.ca is OK

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