[CentOS-mirror] Question about new mirror

Steve etevets at yahoo.com
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Please kindly remove me from this mailing list.

Thank you!

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4Mbps is extremely slow for a mirror, sadly. 

I run on a 100Mbps connection, and my mirror submission was turned down.


On Sunday, July 8, 2012, Kenneth Perry Hough wrote:

>We are a start up company that uses CentOS for many of our servers and would 
>like to contribute to the project.  Right now donation of dedicated servers or 
>monetary support is still not possible but we hope to do so once we grow.  Right 
>now, we are hoping to contribute through a public mirror.  Our internet and 
>company details are shown below.  Because we just started, our internet is 
>incomparable to many but hope to upgrade as soon as we have the financial 
>ability to do so.  I wanted to ask if it is feasible to create a public mirror 
>with the below mentioned internet speed or if we should wait until we have a 
>better connection.
>ISP: Charter Internet
>Speed: 15/4Mbps
>Our Company: Evo Group Technologies, Inc
>Company Location: Shelburne, VT
>Server Location: Worcester, MA
>Thanks in advance!
>Kenneth Hough
>Chief Technology Officer
>Evo Group Technologies, Inc
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>CentOS-mirror at centos.org

Warren Myers
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