[CentOS-mirror] Update on CentOS Mirror in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Lee Cheung Loong cllee at ipserverone.com
Mon Jul 16 09:38:19 EDT 2012


We have just refreshed the CentOS Mirror server, and it's now include with DVD ISO

Method: HTTP (Only)

Version: All
Architectures: All
Direct DVD Downloads: Yes 

- Country: Malaysia
- City: Kuala Lumpur
- State: Wilayah Persekutuan
- Bandwidth: 30Mbit/s
- Update frequency: Every 6 hours

- Sponsor: IP ServerOne Solutions Sdn Bhd
- Sponsor: URL: http://www.ipserverone.com

- Mirror Server contact: cllee at ipserverone.com

Hope this clear


Best Regards,
Lee Cheung Loong
System Consultant

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