[CentOS-mirror] People wanting to leave this list

Daniël Koop Yourwebhoster.eu daniel at yourwebhoster.eu
Tue Jul 17 06:43:09 EDT 2012

I've added a rule to outlook to move e-mails from this mailing list to a
special folder and I only search for the important e-mails. There are almost
none. Perhaps it's an idea to create a second list with notifications only.


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> hi,
> People who want to leave this list : please keep in mind that you are 
> required to remain subscribed to the mirror-announce list in order to 
> remain listed as a public centos mirror, and we request all admins of 
> mirrors to be present on this list. It is, after all, a very low 
> traffic list, and when conversations do take place they tend to be 
> things that would interest most mirror admins.
> having said that, if you still want to leave this list - send me an 
> email offlist to the email address I'm emailing from and I'll make 
> sure that you are removed  (although, you should be able to just 
> unsubscribe yourself using the link at the bottom of all emails, so 
> try that first )
> - KB
> --
> Karanbir Singh

Some thoughts on this;

While mirror-announce may be a low-volume list it may be lower than what
people want.  General discussions and&or information that are not strictly
related to a release can be very interesting to.

The problem with this list is the flood of "new mirror" mails, that probably
are only interesting to the mirror itself and the admins.

What some other sites (linux distributions and other) have done in the past
is to have a special list for the new mirror requests.
That way the mirror admins can still discuss with each other (and the master
mirror admins) in an easy way, without the noice.  Maybe it is worth
considering for centos too?

As is the case now, for our mirror the centos new mirror requests pretty
much outweighs the _total_ mail amount from all other mirror lists we are
subscribed to (several tenths).  The amount _relevant_ (for us) information
however does not.

That may be a factor to why people are leaving this list -- it is just to
much noice in relation to relevant information.

Anyway, thanks for the reminder of mirror-announce!

Best regards,

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