[CentOS-mirror] become the public mirror list

Fri Mar 2 15:36:21 UTC 2012
Samuel Chan <samuel at acmegrp.com>

Dear CentOS Team : 


        We would like to become the public mirror , here is what we have
done and the info as the following : 


1)      Subscribe the mirror mailing list 

2)      Mirror hostname centos.acmegrp.com using HTTP only 

3)      Rsync with msync.centos.org 2 times per day and setup in cronjob

4)      initial sync is completed

5)      We are in Hong Kong / ASIA 

6)      100MB Upstream and 100MB Downstream in share pool 

7)      Sponsoring organization - ACME Network Limited , www.acmegrp.com 

8)      Contact e-mail samuel at acmegrp.com 



I don't know I am send to the right E-mail address or not , if not , please
help forward to the right department . 




Samuel Chan

Operation Manager 




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