[CentOS-mirror] New Baltimore Mirror

Nic Tippelt nic at doctor-cloud.net
Sun Nov 4 10:53:34 UTC 2012

Morning All,

We have just setup the following public CentOS mirror for our Dedicated
Server Brand RackD;

Hostname : centos.mirror.balt.rackd.net
Sync Frequency : Twice a day, 12AM, 12PM.
Uplink Speed : 100Mbit
Bandwidth : 100Mbit

HTTP :http://centos.mirror.balt.rackd.net/  <http://centos.mirror.sea.rackd.net/>

Sponsor Organization : RackD | Doctor Cloud Pty Ltd (http://rackd.net/  )

Contact Email :nic at doctor-cloud.net  <http://lists.centos.org/mailman/listinfo/centos-mirror>

- Nic Tippelt
Managing Director
Doctor Cloud Pty Ltd

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