[CentOS-mirror] IPv6 mirror testing

Anssi Johansson centos at miuku.net
Tue Nov 13 13:10:12 UTC 2012

Fakrul Alam kirjoitti:
> mirror.dhakacom.com is available in IPv6 network.  Can anyone please
> confirm whether it's properly available from V6 network?

Hi, http://mirror.dhakacom.com/centos/ is working properly, but 
ftp://mirror.dhakacom.com/centos/ is not.

$ telnet mirror.dhakacom.com ftp
Trying 2405:7600:0:6::69...
telnet: connect to address 2405:7600:0:6::69: Connection refused

That FTP URL is also listed on http://miuku.net/ipv6reach/ in the 
section "Mirrors that are unreachable from all locations". Once you've 
figured out what the problem is with the IPv6 FTP and fixed it, the 
results will be automatically visible on that page within an hour or so.

As an aside for other subscribers of this mailing list, there are 
currently some 40 HTTP/FTP CentOS mirrors which have an AAAA record in 
their DNS, but that listed IPv6 address is unreachable from all the 
three monitoring networks. Please check if your mirror is listed on that 
page, and fix your configuration accordingly.

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