[CentOS-mirror] mirror centos 6.X only

Adrian Sevcenco Adrian.Sevcenco at spacescience.ro
Tue Dec 24 17:28:47 UTC 2013

Hi! I would like to setup a centos mirror but only with centos 6 data.
Would be enough to use http://eu-msync.centos.org/centos-6 ?

is it ok a command like:
rsync  -avSH --delay-updates --delete $remote_dir $mirror_dir

where remote-dir is rsync://eu-msync.centos.org/centos-6 ?

is there a way to use a http mechanism? (i imagine that
eu-msync.centos.org is an alias to the closest mirror and most often the
http is used and less rsync)


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