[CentOS-mirror] Add New Mirror

Kaleb Hosie Kaleb.Hosie at agmn.ca
Wed Jan 2 23:45:39 UTC 2013

>On 26.12.2012 22:26, Kaleb Hosie wrote:
>> Institution name: Adeste Global Managed Networks
>> Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
>> URL: http://mirror.agmn.ca/mirror/centos/
>> Speed: 100mbps symmetrical
>> Tier: Tier 1 Network
>> Sync Frequency: 6 hours
>> Let me know if you need any further information.
>A working URL (I get a 404) would be great :)
>And: Do you have an URL to the sponsor?

We're not off to a good start I see! Case sensitivity will get you every time.

The URL of the sponsor is: www.adesteglobal.com

Thanks Ralph

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