[CentOS-mirror] New UK mirror submission

cent-repo cent-repo at serverspace.co.uk
Fri Jan 11 17:02:25 UTC 2013

Hi Ralph

Just to let you know I've configured an ftp link for this mirror now in addition the http.

Would you mind updating this?


Chris Lewis

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On 02.01.2013 11:29, cent-repo wrote:
> Hi,
> Have just finished setting up a new mirror in London, UK.
> Http://centos.serverspace.co.uk/centos
> 100mb link, syncs 4 times a day with eu-msync.centos.org::CentOS
> Sponsor is ServerSpace Ltd
> www.serverspace.co.uk<http://www.serverspace.co.uk>

Added. Should be available tomorrow.

Have a great new year and thanks for your support,


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