[CentOS-mirror] New CENTOS Mirror in South America/Brazil/Bahia

Francisco Neto francisco at teletalk.com.br
Sun Jan 13 14:11:53 UTC 2013

Hello Folks,

II Finished the initial setup and sync my mirror.

In time, I note that I´m an little telco, a autonomous system on the 
Internet (as53242 - teletalk in irr/scw), have gigaethernet 
interconnection with two tier-1 telcos (TIWS - Telefonica International 
Wholesale Services (as12956) and OI/Telebahia (as7738)) for ip transit 
and am part of two IXP´s, very important in South America (Braziliam PTT 
Metro Project, PTT-SP and PTT-BA) with gigaethernet interface, which 
will give a good routing capability for centos mirrors in Brazil.

How am user, this is the way I think about contributing to the excellent 

Long live Centos !

I would publish and activate it in the official centos mirror list.

  URL: http://centos.teletalk.net.br/

  Bandwidth: 1gbps

  Sync Freq: 2 * daily (at 06:00hs and 23:00hs in America/Bahia zone time)

  Sync From: us-msync.centos.org

  Organization: Teletalk Telecomunicações Ltda

  Sponsor URL: http://www.teletalk.com.br/

  City/State/Country: Salvador/Bahia/Brazil

  ASN: 53242

  Contact Person: Francisco José Badaró Valente Neto

  Contact Email: francisco at teletalk.com.br

  Inoc-DBA: 53242*100

Thanks and wait.

Best Regards,
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