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Daniel Pawliw daniel.pawliw at netflash.net
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I've got a complicated setup as it applies to all 100ish physical and virtual servers on my network (as well as around 1000 customer and Point-of-Presence devices across our own fixed-point wireless network).

The actual server is part of our virtual infrastructure, which with a proper VMware license is managed through a vCenter server has a database that keeps stats for months (CPU, Memory, Network, Disk IO, etc). The IP address for that particular server is also queued to 100mbit/100mbit in its gateway router (a Mikrotik Routerboard), and I monitor (using both Opsview and Mikrotik's The Dude) and graph (using Cacti) SNMP statistics for that queue as well as the VLAN the traffic comes in on. I also have a centralized syslog server using ELSA (Enterprise Log Search and Archive) that all logs get dumped to which also produces reports and graphs and is fully searchable.

Hope that helps.


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Just curious to hear what you might be using to track the usage on your mirror?  It's been a long time since we looked at it and mostly we run webalizer.  I can't say that I am completely happy with it though.

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