[CentOS-mirror] Some rsync URL changes

Ralph Angenendt ralph.angenendt at gmail.com
Mon Mar 4 21:13:15 UTC 2013

On 01.03.2013 15:20, Anssi Johansson wrote:

> Thank you for your overwhelming feedback regarding my previous message 
> to the mailing list. If you need to leave this mailing list, please 
> click the link at the bottom of this email and see the "To unsubscribe 
> from CentOS-mirror.." option at the bottom of that page. 

Ah, that's how it works, I never could figure that one out :)

> It appears that if there's also an HTTP URL specified for the mirror, 
> only the HTTP URL is checked and not the FTP URL. Thus it may be 
> possible that some FTP URLs have become stale over time and those 
> problems are not detected by the mirror checking scripts.

Yes and no. The mirror-status scripts do not check for valid ftp URLs if
there is an http URL instead. The scripts which populate
mirrorlist.centos.org actually *do* check for validity of the content of
the ftp server. But yes, actually nobody checks the logs of those except
if someone requires help.

> I had a look at the FTP URLs, and noticed problems with the following 
> mirrors:

Thanks, I am going to take a look at that (and the rsync stuff) over the
weekend. Great detective work, I am grateful for that.



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