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Fri Mar 8 11:48:59 UTC 2013

--On torsdag, mars 07, 2013 19.42.04 -0500 Brian Rak 
<mirrors at constant.com> wrote:

> Mass unsubscribe won't work unless you figure out how these people
> got subscribed in the first place.  They must have clicked a link to
> confirm it at some point as well as entering their email address to
> get the email in the first place.

Maybe not, but it would probably reduce the annoyment right now and
buy the admins some time to come up with a better scheme and/or get
to understand how it happened.

Of course if something is actively subscribing "random" addresses,
which to my understanding would mean they have a way to circumvent
the second step (the acknowledge link), it will shortly fill up with
new addresses.  If on the other hand it either was a one-time mess-
up/hack/error the effects will last (much) longer.

This could very well be combined with a requirement that subscribed
addresses must be tied to an _active_ mirror.  If it is possible to
set it up so that unsubscribed mail to the list needs to be moderated
it would also solve the "I have a new mirror" problem too, since all
mails during the new mirror set-up phase would pass the admins and
need not be passed on to the list.

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