[CentOS-mirror] [#ECV-99774-254] 6.4 content

Ralph Angenendt ralph.angenendt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 23:12:06 UTC 2013

On 08.03.2013 01:16, John R. Dennison wrote:

> 1) Figure out what is going on with all the subscriptions from people that
>    obviously don't want to be here.

That is the problem. There is nothing strange going on in Mailman land
(as I've stated a few times).

Someone is using/has been using the mail interface to subscribe mail
addresses to the list (and probably adding their spam to the bottom of
that mail, hoping that mailman will also include the complete
subscription mail when going to step 2).

Then comes step 2: Mailman asks people if they have subscribed. Ignore
that mail and you won't see another (except you get another mail from
step 1). BUT: You did not want to be on that mailing list. And what is
it about that subscription?

So you open up your mail client, replying with a harsh mail, saying you
don't want to be on that list, telling people to unsubscribe you.

By doing so, you leave the subject intact. And hit "Send Mail". Mailman
sees that mail, looks for the magic in there, and it is all there. Et
voilà, you have subscribed yourself.

> 2) Fix the problem as determined from above.

This is the problem: That is something unfixable.

> 1) Announce mass unsubscribe to all members via mass mail.
> 2) Unsubscribe everyone.
> 3) Let those truly interested in being back here resubscribe themselves.

Yes, that might be worth a discussion, I don't see any other "escape
mechanism" at the moment. Except list moderation, but I don't see anyone
really having the time for that.


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