[CentOS-mirror] centos.mirror.nexicom.net out of date?

Kelvin Edmison kelvin at kindsight.net
Wed Mar 13 13:57:26 UTC 2013

I run a private mirror (sorry, don't have resources to contribute publicly) and I have been rsyncing from rsync://mirror.nexicom.net/CentOS.  I chose it because, network-wise, it seemed quite close to us.  However, I haven't seen any updates in a while and I see that the mirror tracker is reporting nexicom.net's HTTP mirror as 55 days out of date.  

Does the mirror tracker email the mirror admins when their mirrors fall out of date?

I haven't been able to find contact info for the nexicom mirror admin, so I am also hoping to reach the admin via this list. Would the nexicom mirror admin please take a look at their mirror to see why it's fallen out of date? 


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