[CentOS-mirror] centos.mirror.nexicom.net out of date?

Paul Stewart pstewart at nexicomgroup.net
Fri Mar 15 11:11:04 UTC 2013

Thanks Anthony - I have updated it on our cron jobs.. appreciate it...





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Hey Paul


centos effectively deprecated the DVD rsync source by adding the dvd
isos to the main rsync source - you should be able to just sync form
msync default from now on


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On 14 Mar 2013, at 23:23, Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>

On 13.03.2013 14:57, Kelvin Edmison wrote:

I run a private mirror (sorry, don't have resources to contribute
publicly) and I have been rsyncing from
rsync://mirror.nexicom.net/CentOS.  I chose it because, network-wise, it
seemed quite close to us.  However, I haven't seen any updates in a
while and I see that the mirror tracker is reporting nexicom.net's HTTP
mirror as 55 days out of date.  

Does the mirror tracker email the mirror admins when their mirrors fall
out of date?

Hmmm. Normally it turns those mirrors off, so they don't show up in
mirrorlist or on the website.

At the moment that mirror is current, though.



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