[CentOS-mirror] Sydney, Australia Mirror Addition

Daniel Watson daniel at glogroup.com.au
Sun Mar 17 00:01:42 UTC 2013

Hi Guys

I would like to submit our mirror to the list

http: http://Syd.AU.GloMirror.com.au/centos/

Mirror is sync'ed every hour

Location: Sydney, Australia
UpLink Speed: 100Mbit

Details on sponsoring org: GloVine Pty Ltd

Email address: noc at glovine.com.au<mailto:noc at glovine.com.au>


Daniel Watson

Network Administrator / Network Operations Manager

E Daniel at GloGroup.com.au<mailto:Daniel at GloGroup.com.au>

W www.GloVine.com.au<http://www.GloVine.com.au>

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