[CentOS-mirror] Micighan, US Mirror Addition

Thu May 2 08:09:37 UTC 2013
Seamus Ryan <s.ryan at uber.com.au>

Hi Daniel,

Before you rush off adding mirrors at every one of your POP's, you may want make sure you can at least keep them in sync!



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Hi Guys

I would like to submit our mirror to the list

http: http://Mic.US.GloMirror.com.au/centos 

Mirror is sync'ed every hour

Location: Micighan, United States of America UpLink Speed: 100Mbit

Details on sponsoring org: GloVine Pty Ltd

Email address: noc at glovine.com.au


Daniel Watson

Network Administrator / Network Operations Manager

E Daniel at GloGroup.com.au

W www.GloVine.com.au 

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