[CentOS-mirror] EU Mirror, NL, Harlem

Tue May 7 10:04:07 UTC 2013
Webzilla Mirrors <mirror at webzilla.com>

Hello all.

The Webzilla hosting company (webzilla.com) has prepared a server for  
mirroring purpose in Europe (NL, Harlem). An additional mirror in USA  
(Dallas) may be added later.

Bandwidth: 1000 Mbps
Sync: 4 times per day
Location: EvoSwitch, J.W. Lucasweg 35, 2031 BE Haarlem, The Netherlands

Please find the available URLs below.


The mirror.webzilla.com domain name points to mirror.nl.webzilla.com and  
can be used as well.

Webzilla Mirror Team