[CentOS-mirror] size of mirror

Thu May 30 10:52:38 UTC 2013
Daniel Watson <daniel at glogroup.com.au>


The mirror is 89gb fully sync'ed including all ISO's and everything

[root at internal mirror]# du -hs centos
89G     centos

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mirror size is about 50-60gb 100gb I think you take the field, I think.

Thank you

2013-05-28 15:18, Pasqual Castellon yazmış:

Dear all,
I'm makeing my first rsync on the mirror.
Is there any way to know the size of the mirror prior to downloading it?
Thank you

 Pasqual Castellón
 Software Division

 Phone:          +34 935 891 567 (ext. 25)
 Email:          p.castellon at cadt.com<mailto:p.castellon at cadt.com>

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