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Thu May 30 11:21:28 UTC 2013
Pasqual Castellon <p.castellon at cadt.com>

Dear Sir,
I have removed the 'mirror'. You now can access the mirror as


For the bandwidth there is my mistake. We use fiber here so the 
bandwidth is arounf 100Mb

Best regards.

En/na Anssi Johansson ha escrit:
> Pasqual Castellon kirjoitti:
>> CentOS Mirror website_
>> http://centos.cadt.com
> There is a slight problem with this mirror. The mirror checker scripts
> and CentOS installations themselves expect that to get, say, x86_64
> CentOS 6.4's updates, the files are found from the mirror URL + version
> + repository + architecture. In your case, the full URL for that would
> be http://centos.cadt.com/6.4/updates/x86_64/
> However, that URL does not seem to work because you seem to be using
> some sort of a "directory browser" script, which points to files in
> /mirror and /?dir=mirror/6.4/
>> _Bandwidth_
>> 30Mbps
> This may also be a concern. Generally we only accept mirrors with a
> speed of at least 100Mbit/s (with exceptions for remote locations such
> as Africa).
> If you want to help with the file distribution, one option would be to
> set up a bittorrent seedbox with CentOS files. There are no bandwidth
> limits for that.
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