[CentOS-mirror] New Swedish mirror

Wed Nov 20 09:13:16 UTC 2013
Niclas Zeising <zeising at lysator.liu.se>

Hi list!
I just finished setting up a new Swedish mirror.  It is accessible over
IPv4 and IPv6 with both http(s) ftp(s) and rsync.   It is hosted by
Lysator, the computer society at Linköping University.  I would like to
make it an official CentOS mirror.  Summary below.

Hosted by:  Lysator (www.lysator.liu.se/english.html)
IPv6: 2001:6b0:17:f0a0::32
Connection speed: 1 Gbps
HTTP: http://ftp.lysator.liu.se/pub/CentOS
HTTPS: https://ftp.lysator.liu.se/pub/CentOS
FTP: ftp://ftp.lyastor.liu.se/pub/CentOS
RSYNC: rsync://ftp.lysator.liu.se/pub/CentOS
Hosts all architectures and versions, including DVDs
Syncs thrice a day (every 8th hour).

Let me know if I need to provide more information.
ftp server admin