[CentOS-mirror] Telkom SA's link mangled

Wed Oct 16 19:26:50 UTC 2013
Ralph Angenendt <ralph.angenendt at gmail.com>

On 12.10.2013 08:08, Anssi Johansson wrote:
> Hi, the HTTP link to Telkom SA's HTTP mirror is somewhat mangled. It's 
> currently showing up as
> <a href='http://www.<a 
> href="ftp://ftp.saix.net/pub/linux/distributions/centos/" 
> target="_blank">ftp.saix.net/pub/linux/distributions/centos/</a>'>HTTP</a>

I am not seeing anything strange in the database, maybe some script
stumbles over www.ftp (or scoop). Will take a deeper look.