[CentOS-mirror] eu-msync.centos.org

Mon Oct 21 06:09:50 UTC 2013
Anssi Johansson <centos at miuku.net>

Matt Clements kirjoitti:
> Hey all,
> eu-msync.centos.org has been having problems for the last couple of days:
> @ERROR: max connections (40) reached -- try again later
> rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at main.c(1503) [receiver=3.0.6]

Yes, this tends to happen at release time when everyone and their dog 
wants to download the latest release at the same time. CentOS 5.10 was 
released just recently and it's currently being synced to mirrors. It 
may still take a day or two until all the bits have been pushed through 
to all the mirrors.

eu-msync.centos.org and others are actually round-robin DNS names for a 
number of CentOS msync servers. Although there are multiple msync 
servers, the number of mirrors pulling from them is far greater, and the 
msync servers may have problems keeping up with the load in these 

If some of you are in a position to donate an additional server and its 
hosting to the CentOS project, I'm sure that would help. Gigabit speeds 
would be really neat nowadays. See http://wiki.centos.org/Donate for 
more info and contact details.