[CentOS-mirror] [Ticket#2013091310000121] Mirror also offers FTP and RSYNC

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Fri Sep 13 09:48:15 UTC 2013

Dear Ralph,
First of all, thanks for the good work you do for the mirrors :)

I looked at the list and notices that our mirror (muntinternet.nl;
mirror.muntinternet.net) does not have FTP and RSYNC listed, while we do offer
those. Could you add them?

Thanks in advance,

Arjen Heidinga



MuntInternet Networks B.V.              Sneek

T:+31(0)20-7169710                      [2]http://www.muntinternet.nl

F:+31(0)20-7169750                      support at MuntInternet.nl

Kvk:01079173 te Leeuwarden              BTW:NL819219575B01


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[1] ftp://mirror.muntinternet.net/pub/centos/
[2] http://www.muntinternet.nl
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