[CentOS-mirror] New Mirror dl.za.jsdaav.net

Bennie Joubert bennie.joubert at jsdaav.com
Sat Sep 21 17:55:01 UTC 2013


Our mirror is set-up and first sync completed.

URL: http://dl.za.jsdaav.net/mirror/CentOS/
URL: ftp://dl.za.jsdaav.net/mirror/CentOS/
URL: rsync://dl.za.jsdaav.net/mirror/CentOS/
Sync: 4 X per day (6 hour interval)
Bandwidth: 100 Mbps

City: Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
Country: South Africa

Host: JSDAAV ZA Telecoms (Pty) Ltd
Link: http://www.jsdaav.com/

Kind regards.

Bennie Joubert
Email:bennie.joubert at jsdaav.com

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