[CentOS-mirror] FW: [CentOS Mirror status] Alert notification

Fri Aug 8 08:07:24 UTC 2014
Christopher Rowarth <chris at rowarth.co.uk>

Thanks for this notification - I had changed a directory name and didn't alter the cron job that runs for sync. Should be syncing now and running like normal after that :)

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From: Fabian Arrotin [mailto:arrfab at centos.org] 
Sent: 08 August 2014 07:58
To: Christopher Rowarth
Subject: [CentOS Mirror status] Alert notification

Hi Mirrors Admin,

It seems that the public CentOS Mirror your organization hosts doesn't seem to be up2date or reachable.
Can you investigate and keep us posted please ?
As a reminder, you can always check your mirror status as seen by our mirrorlist process here : http://mirror-status.centos.org/

Here are the URLs known in our mirrors checker script for your Organization :


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PS : that mail was automatically sent from a weekly external mirrors validation system. That mail was sent to the contact email address/info we have currently in our contact DB, so feel free to ping me back if that's not correct (for example if you prefer using a generic email address that it is expanded to multiple people inside your organization).

Fabian Arrotin
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