[CentOS-mirror] New CentOS mirror

Fri Aug 15 07:13:22 UTC 2014
Jesper Dahl Nyerup <nyerup at one.com>

Hi centos-mirror@,

One.com's public mirror service on mirror.one.com has begun mirroring
CentOS, and we'd like to apply for inclusion in your Mirrors DB, as well
as access to rsync from eu-msync.centos.org.

HTTP:      http://mirror.one.com/centos/
FTP:        ftp://mirror.one.com/centos/
RSYNC:    rsync://mirror.one.com/centos/

Sync schedule:    Every hour
Bandwidth:        10 Gbps
Location:         Denmark (Copenhagen)
Sponsor:          One.com
Sponsor URL:      http://www.one.com/
IP to authorize:
Email contact:    mirror at one.com

Jesper Dahl Nyerup
Systems Engineer
One.com, nyerup at one.com
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