[CentOS-mirror] DDOS Attacks

Thu Aug 14 06:29:45 UTC 2014
mirror at mirror.datacenter.mn <mirror at mirror.datacenter.mn>

Anssi Johansson <centos at miuku.net> wrote:

> 6.8.2014 1.59, Paul Stewart kirjoitti:
> > Hi there…
> >
> > Today, we started getting hit with DDOS attacks specifically against our
> > CentOS mirror.  Has anyone else seen this behavior before?
> >
> > These are TCP SYN and TCP RST misuse type attacks.
> I don't run a mirror myself, but please note that what you're seeing 
> might be simply yum-plugin-fastestmirror doing what's it's supposed to 
> do. yum-plugin-fastestmirror determines the closest mirror by opening a 
> TCP connection to each mirror and then closing the connection 
> immediately. The time spent is measured, and the fastest mirror as 
> determined by this process gets selected.
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